Proceeds of the Tournament

The recipient of the 2019 donation will be the Backpack Nutrition Program. This program has been created by a charitable organization called Hands on Hartford.

In Hartford, more than 30% of families live under the poverty line. So many families struggle to make ends meet nutritionally.

Kids who live in poverty receive free school lunches… but what about when they go home?

Read about The Backpack Nutrition Program

“Over the weekends, children in need receive 1 backpack a week. Backpacks include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 drinks, snacks, fresh fruit, goodies like jump ropes, school supplies, even hot chocolate mix in the winters”

Since the program is so small, these backpacks are hand-packed with love. They often include mini gifts for the kids.

“We’ve gotten great feedback from both the kids and their families. The families are understandably appreciative of the extra help. The kids love the food, and in the words of one young person: “I like that there are people who care.” It’s very comforting to young children living in uncertainty to know that their community is there for them.”

Your donation can satiate the hunger of a child in need!

In 2015, we raised $500 for the Southington Care Center

In 2016, we raised $500 for the Southington Care Center

In 2017, we raised $1750 for Mercy Housing and Shelter

In 2018, we raised $2080 for Mercy Housing and Shelter

This year, our goal is to raise $2550 for the Backpack Nutrition Program. 

To donate, go to our “donations” tab. Any size donation is appreciated:)