Kataria Classic 2020

It hurts us so much to announce this, but Kunal and I have decided to cancel the tournament for this year, and indefinitely.

This is not because of the virus, but because Kunal graduated college, and is moving to Houston to start a job as a math teacher. This tournament is our joint project, and as we grow older and move out of the house, we realized it can’t last forever.

We ran the Kataria Classic for 6 years, and in our minds, each year was better than the last. This tournament means more to us than you could ever know, and we want to thank each and every one of you for making it a reality.

Also, we want to thank you for helping us raise money for the various charities over the years. With your help, we raised $1,000 for the Southington Care Center, $3,830 for Mercy Housing and Shelter, and $2,890 for the Backpack Nutrition Program with Hands on Hartford. In total, we raised $7,780 over the 6 years of our tournament!

We’re cancelling the tournament for the foreseeable future, but if one day, down the road, we both end up in Connecticut for the summer, we will give you all a call for a Kataria Classic Reunion tournament. Just an idea we are toying with, and maybe it could be fun a couple years down the road 🙂

Writing this honestly makes us both so emotional. Please enjoy scrolling through this website to relive our memories together.

With love,

Rohan and Kunal