Kataria Classic 2019


The 5th Annual Kataria Classic Tennis Tournament will begin on August 8th (Thursday) to August 11th (Sunday)… Sign up with the link above, or go to the tab “sign-up options” for more ways to enter the tournament

Kunal and I are proud to announce our new division: something that will become unique and special to the Kataria Classic.

Starting this year, we will host a “Pressure Point Division”. Each round will only be one pressure point. We’re capping this division at exactly 64 entries, and the bracket will be totally randomized. It only costs $5 to enter. 

This division will be played out on a single court over the course of a few hours on August 10th (Saturday).

Whoever wins the division will receive a plate with their name on it, deeming them the most clutch player of the year. The winner will return the plate for next year, but their name will remain on the plate forever, immortalizing their clutch performance! Remember, only the first 64 entrants will be able to participate, so make sure to sign up ASAP.

Kunal and I are looking forward to watching how this new division plays out. We see it as a perfect way to unite and engage all of our tournament players… may the most clutch player win!

Location of Kataria Classic 2019: Southington High School

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